Strategic Tax Planning

Significant personal or corporate decisions are most often associated with both financial and tax implications. Through early strategic planning, you can leverage tax incentives to ensure that your assets work for you. We assist you with the planning and structuring of your assets to avoid unpleasant and unexpected financial outcomes.


  • Restructuring of companies
  • Reorganization
  • Liquidity Accounting
  • Controlling business set-up consulting
  • Subsidy of investment and financing consultation
  • Management consulting
  • Purchase-Leasing-Comparison
  • Company succession
  • Mediation
  • Rating


The globalization of the world economy no longer affects only multinational companies. For a long time now, small and medium-sized companies have also been transnationally active. They have to face the often complex as well as unknown legal and tax requirements at the national and international levels. This applies all over again, as the tax administrations of almost all countries have to secure and even boost their tax revenues. They are therefore increasingly focusing their attention on cross-border issues and examining them more closely and intensively.