Digital Tax Consulting

DATEV Online Enterprises
With DATEV Online Enterprise, you work in an optimal and flexible way with us as your tax advisor: For example, you may scan your invoices and submit them in Online Enterprise. Or you pre-record receipts. We will electronically access the uploaded information and receipts, and create your financial accounting. You can access evaluations for financial accounting, open entries, cost accounting, and payroll – online at any time. In this way, you will always have up-to-date results for the financial management of your company.

The system is based on a common Internet-based platform for document and data exchange in the area of financial and payroll accounting between TaxSolut and your organization. This also enables audit-proof archiving of digitized receipts (e.g. incoming and outgoing invoices), electronic invoices, and accounting data. Since receipts are electronically recorded in your company and are then transmitted to us, they no longer have to leave your company.

Online Employees
Employees are able to access their monthly salary and wage statements, income tax statements, and social security statements through the DATEV Online Employees „My Statements“ portal.

Your key advantages

✓ Increased time and efficiency
Eliminate workload and time required for the distribution of documents

✓ Elimination of employees‘ inquiries.
No more inquiries about lost paper documents, since the documents are available in the portal for 10 years.

✓ Maximum security and data protection
Highest security through the DATEV cloud  >> Start the online-tour now

DATEV my taxes
Especially in exceptional times, when it is necessary to avoid physical contact over a longer period of time, a digital collaboration between a tax consulting firm and client offers a lot of potential advantages.

DATEV My Taxes supports your digital workflow by enabling you to exchange tax return documents with your tax advisor through a secure transmission channel, regardless of location and time. In the Datev Cloud, the documents are at the disposal of you and your tax advisor centrally.

Your digital real estate management

With immocloud, managing your properties becomes a minor matter. Say goodbye to paperwork and Excel files and manage your properties independently, digitally, and easily via immocloud.

Paper logbooks were yesterday – are you interested in a digital logbook solution?
We work with a provider who has developed a fast and extremely simple solution for a digital driver’s logbook.

If you are interested and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.